Welcome to Affect - the Centre for Affective Design Research at Massey University.  We focus on creating desirable, meaningful and appropriate experiences through theoretical and applied design research projects.

Surplus and Creativity: Kinder, Softer, Sweeter received entries from the areas of fashion and wearable art; materials and textile design; product and furniture design; and visual art and design.
The human race manufactures consumer goods at an unprecedented rate.
The College of Creative Arts held its annual Research and Teaching Awards ceremony on the 11th of September 2009.
The 2009 Surplus and Creativity: Design and the Readymade competition aimed to stimulate affiliates of Affect to engage in a playful and creative way with the concept of the readymade. More..
In the 21st century products of all kinds, shapes and forms are manufactured at unprecedented rates. They fill our homes, offices, and storage spaces. When the lives of these products are over, they are dumped or discarded to storage. These surplus ‘things' still contain embedded value, untold stories, and the possibility of different applications and life in a third age. More..
Backpack Assessment 7
This project was a three phase trial that was run as part of the postgraduate paper People, Technology and Design which considers people in relation to the physical environment and design technology. The trial employed two different assessment methods each requiring interaction with two different backpacks. More..